Membership of the Board consists of members appointed by the constituent bodies in terms of Section 6 of the PAA Act. A person shall be qualified for appointment to the Board if they are a qualified Public Auditor or Public Accountant.

Mr George Mahembe

PAAB Chairperson

Mr Valentine Mushayakarara

PAAB Vice Chairperson

Mr Admire Ndurunduru

PAAB Secretary

Mr Garnett Gambura

Mrs Mildred Chiri

Dr Tagarira Mutenga

Ms Violet Mhiribidi

Mr Godfrey Mathanda

Mr Livingstone Churu

Mr Tinashe Rwodzi

Mr Peter Madara

Mr Morven Matafeni

Lewis Hussein

Mr Lewi Hussein

ZAPB Chairperson

Mr Brian Njikizana

Mr Brian Njikizana

Mrs Chipo Mandela

Mrs Chipo Mandela