Section 1 - Personal Details


    Surname (and maiden name, if applicable)

    Forenames (as per ID)

    Preferred name, type in full


    Email Address

    Passport number (in case where ID is not available)

    National Identity number (ID)

    Passport number (in case where ID is not available)

    Are you a resident of Zimbabwe?

    (Residency in Zimbabwe is a requirement for registration and continued registration with the PAAB)

    Section 2 - Eligibility

    Please indicate your Institute of membership

    Please attach proof of membership

    Please attach a recent letter of good standing from Institute

    Please indicate the core assessment passed

    Please attach CopyOfTranscript

    Have you completed your pre-qualification audit training under a PAAB registered audit firm?

    Please attach proof of completion/letter of discharge

    Are you registered with the PAAB as a Public Accountant (RPAcc)?

    Please attach Copy of Registration Certificate

    Do you intend to apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

    If yes, please indicate the period you intend to apply for

    If yes, please indicate the firm (s) where prior learning was attained.

    (Please note, if applying for RPL with experience from more than one firm, the competencies must achieved must be signed off by engagement partners from the respective firms. A monitoring visit to any of the firms may still be required where applicable)